Samsung Ecobubble – Samsung First and Smartest AI-powered washing machine in 2021

Samsung has launched a series of AI-powered washing machines named Samsung ecobubble on 6th April 2021. During the pandemic, people have suffered from so many problems, and that tech company a whole new area of improvement. According to Raju Pullan( Senior Vice President, Consumer Electronics Business, Samsung India), This is what propelled Samsung to bring a new series of AI-Powered washing machines to India.

Samsung has launched 21 new models of Washing machines and all of them are AI-powered. These machines learn from user’s behavior and suggest the best wash cycle. All models in this new line of washing machine are fully automatic front-load washing machines. These AI-powered washing machines are claimed to be specially made for India.

Samsung Ecobubble
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Features of AI-powered Samsung Washing Machine

  • All new models of this line come with Hygiene steam technology that removes stubborn dirt, bacteria, and allergens
  • Samsung claims these to be India’s first washing machine to learn user’s behavior and suggest the best wash cycle
  • These models can be connected with Samsung Smart things apps. It provides a smart Laundry recipe solution to give the best wash options.
  • They also incorporates Samsung’s EcoBubble™ and QuickDrive™ technology which saves time and provides 48% better fabric care.
  • These washing machines Bi-lingual washing machines. It has a user interface with English and Hindi language (I’m sure they’ll add more language soon, as they claimed it to be made for India).
  • It comes with Artificial intelligent features that offer customized laundry processes
  • The AI-powered washing machines can be connected with Samsung smartphones, Samsung Smart TV, Family Hub refrigerators, and voice devices like Alexa and Google home to provide a seamless living experience to consumers.
  • It has a Laundry planner. Users can schedule an end time of the laundry while the Laundry recipe gives an optimal wash cycle.
  • It has HomeCare Wizard which alerts users for the potential problem and also suggests solutions

Price Of Samsung AI-powered washing machine

The New line of AI-powered washing machine will be available for purchasing across all retail partners from 6th April 2021.

Starting Price35,400
Launch date6th April
CashbackYes, upto 20%
EMI optionYes, As low as 990

Where I can purchase a Samsung AI washing machine

Samsung AI-powered washing machine is available all across retail partner of Samsung. Selected models will also be available on Amazon, Flipkart, and Samsung’s official online store.

Things to know about Samsung Washing machines in India

What is EcoBubble™?

This technology is used for dissolving the detergent into the water using a bubble generator. After generating bubbles it injects air into it for producing foam which penetrates 40 times faster. This results in 45% extra fabric care.

What is QuickDrive™?

QuickDrive improves the washing performance. It speeds up the laundry cycle, makes the process simpler and more energy-efficient. For instance, using Super Speed Cycle with 5kg load, QuickDrive™ technology can get a full clean in just 39 minutes.

What is Auto dispense?

The auto dispense system automatically dispenses the appropriate amount of detergent and softener for each washing cycle. It results in saving 26% on detergent and 46% on the softener.

What is Hygiene Steam?

Hygiene steam cleans clothes by releasing steam from the bottom of the drum. It removes ingrained dirt, 99.9% bacteria, and allergen. This process takes place in below order

  1. Drains out the water, soil, and detergent
  2. Fetches a small amount of clean water to make steam
  3. Boils the water for 20 min with a built-in heater
  4. After the steam phase, it drains the water and starts rinsing, and proceeds to the next cycle.

What is Drum Clean and Drum clean +?

It keeps your washer clean from dirt and bacteria without using any chemicals. According to Samsung, It removes 99.9% of bacteria from inside the washer and cleans off the dirt as well from the rubber gasket. The washing machine automatically notifies when it needs cleaning.

What is Stay Clean Drawer?

It ensures that more detergent is washed away with a specially designed water flushing system. In short, it utilizes detergent and softener fully and leaves the tray clean and hygienic.

What is bubble Soak?

This function effectively removes all kinds of stains easily. The Active bubble function comes handy in removing stains of tea, wine etc

Samsung will soon be releasing a list of AI-enabled Models of Washing Machines. Stay tuned to best pull, we’ll list out the models with a review soon.

Frquently Asked Questions:

AI ecobubble full features all features?

Samsung ecobubble technology usage bubbles to dissolve detergent. It then usage air to create soapy foam. The ecobubble technology speeds up the penetration into cloths which improves cleaning.
Samsung ecobubble has a Super eco wash feature which saves energy by washing at just 15°C with a capacity of 40°C.
Samsung ecobubble delivers advanced fabric care along with perfect cleanliness.

Is Eco Bubble makes much difference in washing clothes as compared to non bubble wash?

Yes, As explained above, ecobubble speeds up the penetration which results in better cleanliness. Also, it provides better fabric care.

Samsung Eco Bubble front load washer, water intake doesn’t stop in only spin mode.

Ideally, it should. Make sure you are using spin-only mode in the right way. Below is the right way
Step 1: Press the Spin button
Step 2: Press the Start/Hold button
Step 3: Press the Spin button again to reach the desired spin level (1-9)
In case, you still face issues, talk with Samsung Services.

I m using a Samsung front load ecobubble washing machine can I use hard water for washing

Ideally, not recommended. But if you want to use hard water then you will have to use a softener. Although for better cleanliness you should use soft water.

How to use a Samsung washing machine in Kannada?

So far, Samsung has added only Hindi and English language along with few more foreign languages like Espanol, etc. To change language follow the below steps:
Push the rinse button to change language (hold)
Push the spin button to change the language
The method may change for other models. Here’s one video showing how to change the language

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