How to choose the best toaster In India

The toaster is a super useful kitchen appliance. It can help you in getting breakfast ready in a jiffy. But Which is the best toaster in India? This article explains- how to choose the best toaster. This is because there are so many brands in the market with seemingly the same features. This scenario makes a choice quite strenuous. One can easily make a mistake and lose a lot of money for something that will not help him. This article offers you a toaster buying guide that will serve you well.

Should I buy a toaster

For you and your spouse who goes to work and your children who go to school, you need something that helps you get breakfast and lunch ready. Here, the option of a toaster comes in handy. Not only does it enable you to get some healthy and filling food, but it also does it quickly. English muffins, bagels, baguettes, and waffles now form part of your diet with a lot of ease.

Available toaster options

Depending on the size of your household, two options are available for you. You can either settle for a pop-toaster or toaster oven.

What is Pop-up toaster

Pop-up toaster

The pop-up toasters come as a two-slice toaster or a four-slice toaster. These two are the least expensive options for small families that only need a morning toast, a bagel, or sliced bread.

What is Toaster oven

Toaster oven

The toaster ovens have more uses like reheating food, baking cookies, broiling meat, cooking pizza, or roasting chicken and vegetables. For some brands, it is possible to defrost food using the toaster oven. Others even have air fryers and convection. The toaster ovens come in two forms. They either have a cabinet mounted underneath or have the countertop models. The latter is a balance of space and capacity combined.

Now that you have known the range of options in the market, you can decide to go for any toaster of your choice. Whether you want to buy a pop-toaster or a toaster oven.

What should I look for when buying a toaster?

The following factors should act as a guide for you.

  • Size

The size of the pop-toaster or toaster oven is critical, depending on the number of slices you want to prepare at once. For instance, if you want two slices at a time, then the two-slice pop-toaster is the ideal option for you. In case you want four slices at ago, the four-slice pop-toaster will be the best toaster for you. How about if you need many slices, say four to nine simultaneously? The toaster ovens will be an ideal option.

The size of the toaster is also influenced by the size of the slot that you want to prepare. Typical pop-toasters toast nothing more than the size of the normal bread slice. However, in case you want to make muffins, bagels, or even Texas toast that will need bigger slots than bread slice, then you got to go searching for the right models that have the provision of large slots. 

  • Purpose

The choice of a toaster also depends on the use for which you are sourcing the toaster. Whether a pop-toaster or a toaster oven, the use is significant. If your needs are simple- you just want to make normal bread toast, then you can go for any toaster. However, if you intend to do meat broiling, chicken roasting, cookies baking, or even reheating of food, you need to spend time thinking of the best option between a pop-toaster or a toaster oven and, with either of the two, the best model.

  • Budget

How much are you planning for? Your budget also informs the toaster option you can settle for. The toaster ovens and the pop-toasters all come at different prices that vary from one brand to another. If your interest is in the pop-toaster, the cost ranges from 500Rs to 3000Rs. With as cheap as that 500Rs, one can get a pop-toaster that works just well, but the problem is that it is made up of cheap materials that will not last long. Yet with 3000Rs, you will get a pop-toaster with many setting options and features which make it spectacular but yet not necessary. You can strike a balance between cost and features and get something in between. The toaster ovens have a price range of 4000Rs and 10000Rs, which depend on the models and features.

  • Settings

Both pop-toasters and toaster ovens come with different setting options. The lighting settings for light, medium and black are basic for all pop-toasters, and that is what some people may be ok with. Some models have a bagel button that enables your toast to have one side browner than the other. The defrost button available in others allow you to defrost your toast. The toaster ovens also have many options, but typical ones have the convection option for easy and quick cooking. In case you want to have your chicken with varied texture and flavor, then choosing a toaster oven with a rotisserie setting will do.

  • Lifetime

You do not want to waste your money by buying something that will last for barely a year. To find out the durability of a pop-toaster or toaster oven, peer into the reviews that clients have made. That way, you will be familiar with the company’s reputation. In fact, some toasters last for as long as a decade.

  • Ease of cleaning

Using your toaster is an awesome experience but remember you will need to clean it after some time. That necessitates the need for a toaster to be easy to clean. An example of a provision that will make it easy for you to clean your pop-toaster is a crumb tray that collects crumbs, maintaining your toaster clean. For toaster ovens, a non-stick interior makes cleaning easy. Here’s a good read for cleaning toaster

Toaster brands in India

Like in any part of the world, India has many toaster brands. They deal in both pop-toaster and toaster ovens. Such brands include Bajaj, Morphy Richard’s, Phillip’s, Pigeon, Black + Decker, and Prestige. They all offer different toasters that will vary in costs depending on the specifications and setting options. The question on the best brand will be answered by you for you know your preferences. Here a buying guide comes in handy that tells about how to choose the best toaster. However, several reviews helped me establish that Morphy Richard’s is the best toaster company in India. Its toaster branded AT-201 struck a balance between cost and setting options, making it have the highest sales in 2020.

Frequently asked questions about buying a toaster

What is a good wattage for a toaster?

Usually, it’s in the range between 800 to 1500 watts. Here’s a good link for calculating electricity usage for toaster

Is a toaster oven better than a toaster?

As we have mentioned above, pop-up toaster or oven toaster, both are good for different purposes, if you just need a toaster for toasting 2 slices of bread, choosing an oven toaster will be a poor choice. If your requirement is toasting 10 slices of bread, reheating food, meat broiling, chicken roasting, cookies baking you have to go for a toaster oven.

How long should a toaster last?

If you are buying a high-quality toaster, I’ll say a decade. I mean really a toaster will work for a decade even, but with time obviously market will bring you better options every year. You may also take a look at the life expectancy of small kitchen appliances

How do you keep toaster clean?

It’s asked so often that O am thinking about writing a dedicated post on this but for now you may like this video on how to use and clean a toaster

Can I put my toaster in the dishwasher?

A big NO. Dishwasher will only ruin it. Please watch above video to learn how to keep your toaster clean


I often see a question “What is the best toaster on the market?” A toaster is one of those appliances you need in your kitchen, and you do not want to miss it out. There are so many options available in the market, and this article serves to shed light on how to choose the best toaster. Factors like size, use, cost, setting options, ease of cleaning, and durability are crucial in your quest for the best toaster. Pay keen attention to these facets before you can finally make your choice of a toaster. In IndiaMorphy Richard’s AT-201 stands to be the best toaster brand as of 2020.

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