How to choose the best air cooler

Air cooler
Air cooler

There is no single air cooler that is best suitable for each and every individual because different people have different needs and requirements. This post will answer the question “How To Choose The Best Air Cooler“.

One person may require a quiet cooling system, while another person may need an auto-cleaning system. Hence, before purchasing any air conditioner, it is essential to know about your own needs. This will help you in finding the right air conditioner.

It is also necessary to know about your budget so that you do not overshoot your budget and hence buy something that is not beneficial to you. Small room coolers or small towers are the ideals for areas which are prone to high humidity. However, if you live in an area which is prone to extreme heat, then you will need a large room air cooler. For the large rooms, tower coolers are the ideal because these air conditioners use fans instead of blowers for circulating the cool air throughout the room. However, these coolers are expensive, and they need regular maintenance and replacement.

If you want to buy a cheap and convenient air conditioner, then water tanks are very beneficial. Water tanks are very easy to move around, and you can easily refill it with cool water, as and when required. Water tanks allow easy mobility, portability, energy efficiency and you can cool and heat water in the same device. Hence, water tanks are the ideal option if you are looking for an economical cooling system.

Here I’ve categorized the air cooler based on Several factors:

Air cooler classes based on body design

Window Air Coolers

These are average old days air coolers that are set in the room window. It normally has ample water storage and doesn’t utilize your precious storage. Consequently, it’s fantastic for big rooms.


Large water tank
Saves a Great Deal of room space
Strong motor
Strong air reach space


Not in Any Way portable
May require balcony to maintain it or might require installation in a window.

Desert Air Cooler
Those are the strongest air coolers. They have a strong fan motor, plus they supply excellent air quality. Great for big rooms.


Large water tank
Strong motor
Strong air reach space


Occupies a Great Deal of room space
Can not be easily moved

Tower Air Cooler

These are among the best selling air coolers. They’re tall in size and less in width. It occupies almost no space as complete of its space is vertically occupied. Great for smaller rooms.


Highly portable
High capacity water tank available
Saves a Great Deal of room space


Perhaps not a very strong motor.
The air supply is very limited.

And on the other hand, the majority of the window-based and desert coolers come along with lover based motor due to their large size.

Most importantly. Personal coolers may have some of both types.

Type of Cooling Pads in Air Coolers

Honeycomb Cooling Pads

These are too thick in size.
Very hard and robust.
Absorbs and keeps water for a long time.
But they are pricey.

Aspen Cooling Pads

These are like shredded wood.
Very thin in width.
Have to be changed regularly.
But are less in cost.
The cooling pad solves the purpose nicely. Nonetheless, it depends upon the person which one to select.

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