How Air Purifier Works – 2021

How Air Purifier Works: In today’s time the air is too polluted in such cities like Delhi, Mumbai and other big and metro cities.

So, considering this major problem, we decided to write a brief article in the direction of the solution of this problem.

Every problem has a solution. We can solve this by using of Air Purifier.

How Air Purifier Works

When you go for purchase the air purifier, the dealer or shopper tell you that this air purifier will clean the air, and some fragrance are added in this etc.

But do you know how air purifier work ?

If we add some particles in air, yes, it seems that everything is okay, but the air moving in your home is very polluted.

You can not measure or feel it. You can feel when it is polluted over the limit, but it happens very rarely.

But, it is like that if you drink a little wine daily, one day it causes your death, right?

Similarly, little polluted air does not affect you at that time. It is like a slow poison which affects your body and mind in very small module with the passage of time.

It also depends on your surrounding atmosphere like is there any garage, or power station, or garden.

The outside atmosphere affects the atmosphere inside your home a lot. There may be a person in your family who has a habbit of smoking also.

How air purifier works

In this kind of situations, it is very needed to clean the air before it enters in our body and there is a very easy solution that we can fix an air purifier in our home which is very easily available in the market.

In a simple words, you filter the polluted air by the air purifier.

Filter means, we can say for example, you pass the dirty water through the minute net, as long as water passes, some dust in stuck on the edge of net and it is harmful particles, right?

Same concept is applied here that you can assume that we are passing the air through one kind of air.

Now, what happens here that that air purifier (with filter), absorbs the air, filter it and releases the fresh and pure air removing the harmful air particles.

Here, processing takes some seconds or minutes for the filtrating process, it depends on the quality and feature of the air purifier.

Here, the technical term of the filter is Hepa Filter, which stands for High efficiency particulate air filter.

The task of Hepa filter is that it passes only 0.3% of particles which have volume of 3 micrometers, means it trap the major volume of harmful particles and destroys them.

Now, here, you have to keep one thing in your mind that these filters are not immortal i.e they will not work forever, you have to change them with the passage of time.

This information can be grabbed by their sites and articles.

Some manufacturers are providing the Reusable filter which you can reuse them by washing, cleanings.

Second aspect of the working pattern of air purifier is Ionizer.

Ionizer removes and destroys the negative charged particles from the air which are very harmful for our lungs and whole body along with brain, and passes only the positive charged particles towards you.

Here it also works like the Ozone layer, Ozone absorbs and reflect the ultraviolet rays coming from sun light and passes only mild rays which are not harmful for us.

In the third segment of working pattern of air purifier, there is a UV light technology, which destroyed unnecessary particles from the air.

Note: The output and result of air purifier depends on the quality and material of air purifier. Some cheap companies are selling the air purifier with very very low cost, from which we can not expect a better result.

So, it up to you that you take care while purchasing the air purifier for your home.

This concept is new for India, there is not a noticeable class of people using the air purifier, otherwies, foreigner are usig a lot.

Here are some good air purifiers which you can go through, and if you like, you can purchase it from online store or their showrooms or other showrooms or shops.

  • Philips FY2422/10 Nano Protect True HEPA Replacement Filter
  • Philips FY3433 NanoProtect 3000 Series True HEPA3 Filter for Air Purifier
  • Air Philips Filter Set AC1215 NanoProtect 1000 Series True HEPA FY1410 and CARBON FY1413
  • Mi Air Purifier 3 with True HEPA Filter and Smart App Connectivity
  • Philips High Efficiency Air Purifier AC2887


We are concluding this article with information that whenever you go for purchasing the air purifier, you may have at least some basic knowledge of air purifier so that you can ask the seller about its quality and features and can select the good one.

Air is as important as water for our survival, so we should not compromise on the quality of either of them.

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