Choosing a refrigerator

Choice of refrigerator changes person to person. We can not be sure about the best refrigerator. This is because everyone has different needs and each refrigerators comes with different features.

In this post we will be talking about Choosing a refrigerator which fits your need.

Below are some of the features of refrigerators:

  • Storage
  • Cooling tech
  • Top/Bottom mounting
  • Freshness capabilities
  • Compressor’s tech
  • Energy efficiency
  • Durability

We will be talking all of these one by one.


Storage capacity of refrigerators are measured in Liters. Usually it ranges from 150 Liters to more than 600 Liters. While purchasing one for your self please choose according to your need. For example, a family of two person might not need refrigerator with 300 Liter capacity.


Refrigerator comes in different styles. The freezer might be on top or in bottom and same goes for the vegetables bucket. So, depending upon the most usable component and your style to use that, on whether you would like to bend and collect from bottom or would like to collect from top. Its really your style, hence its also one of the point to think about.

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