6 Type of Fabrics That Would Make Your Home Feel More Aesthetic

Home Decor is more than the design or interior of your house. It involves the careful selection of your fabric for its total aesthetic. Getting that luxurious feel and cozy vibe of your home does not have to cost more than your budget for the home decor especially when it comes to curtain fabrics.

What is important is choosing the right details for your interior design which involves picking the perfect fabric in upholstery, curtains, cushions and etc.

Type Of fabrics


 This type of fabrics exudes a classy feel. The texture is soft and flowy which is good for bed linen, curtains, and upholstery. The disadvantage of this fabric is that it is delicate, prone to wrinkling and even stains.

Getting this type of fabric demands to care to make it last. Moreover, it is important that you need to consider the exposure of silk fabric to sunlight as it can cause fading of the fabric.


For people who are into silky texture, this type of fabric is good for your curtains and upholstery as despite its smooth and soft texture, it is sturdier than silk. This fabric does not limit its quality to aesthetics as Rayon ensures a durable fabric.


Cotton is a common type of fabric we see in stores and even at home. This is inexpensive which is why it is obtainable by many, versatile but not as elegant as silk. Blends of cotton are a lot sturdier compared to using it alone. With a cheaper type of fabric, less aesthetic may be provided but ensures durability and comfort for your homes.


The durability and sturdiness of this type of fabric are usually used for upholstery and curtains which bring in an airy, light, and beauty with the appropriate match of interior design.


Wool fabric is good for woolen rugs. The fabric gives grace and class with the right amount of softness that looks luxurious. A wool fabric may be a lot to maintain, but it ensures the aesthetic you desire.


This fabric is trendy today. In achieving an aesthetic home, it is also important to keep up with time as long as it creates balance with your interior design. This fabric is commonly used for velvet sheets, curtain fabrics, carpets, sofa covers, or other home decors.

Each type of fabric listed above below has its own aesthetics. However, each one of them should be selected accordingly in order to fulfill the aim of total aesthetic with your home. It is important to take into consideration the functionality besides the aesthetics of these fabrics to avoid additional costs.

The aesthetics of these fabrics  involving curtain fabrics are classified into three and for you to be able to make your home aesthetic, you need to consider the incorporation of the colors, design, and texture of each fabric on where you will be using it.

Other properties of Fabrics to consider


Colors have the ability to stimulate your senses. Each color affects a person differently based on many factors including cultures, environment, and even perspective.

Choosing your fabric should be planned on what you aim to deliver with the interior design such as light-colored fabric gives a different feel with dark-colored fabric which is inclusive of curtain fabrics.  The integration and pairing of colors are important to achieve balance and avoid chaos with too much and contrasting colors. It is crucial to plan the main or dominant color and the accent or minor color


Fabric designs could come in geometric, realistic, stylized, and abstract patterns. If your goal with your fabric is to lead the eye, you can use geometric designs.  If you look for fabrics that contain patterns of nature or man-made, you can opt to use realistic motifs or patterned fabrics.

Stylized patterns are those unrecognizable nearly abstract worldly images. It is important to use these last two aforementioned patterns accordingly with the background and space of the area it will be placed on most specifically in the choice of design to your curtain fabrics .


Lastly, the texture of the fabric depends on the material it is used with such as the fiber, yarn, and structure. The texture of the fabric should be a significant factor in selecting fabrics as aesthetics should go with the functionality of the fabric which includes curtain fabrics. Some fabrics such as silk surely are aesthetic for your home, but they cannot be exposed directly to sunlight. Therefore we should use appropriate fabrics for your home.

To Sum it all up…

In ensuring an aesthetic home, selecting the right fabric is significant and affects the entire house’s interior. With the many different fabrics we can choose from, we need to dig deeper into the details before deciding that is based on the color, design, and texture of your home. Even curtain fabrics is included in making your home aesthetic. Where there are plenty of curtain fabrics to trade to explore from.

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