5 Tips for the best apartment decor that would definitely attract clients

Are you planning to open your apartment for rental? If so, you must make it attractive to potential clients. It can be possible by decorating your apartment. At first it can be daunting, especially if you don’t know where and how to start. Here I am listing 5 proven way for the best apartment decor.

There are many basic ways to decorate an apartment, and there’s so much more to learn. In this post you will learn decorating ideas to polish the apartment making it a perfect home for renters.

Low-lift ideas that make a difference

Holistic approach

Many apartment designs have windowless rooms. You can improve the room not to block the flow of light. Use frosted sliding glass doors to separate the area and enhance privacy. It will also solve the problem of enjoying the natural light.

Holistic approach: best apartment decor | bestpull,in

If the budget is limited, you can consider using a separating curtain. It is another way to separate the sleeping and living areas. Other holistic approaches include using tall bookcase, screens, and room separators.

Setup the entryway

Setup Entryway: best apartment decor | bestpull,in

For small apartment, make it stylish by setting up an entryway can make it look big. Set up a chic accent chair or a mirror up the wall. Sculptural hooks for bags and coats can also improve the look of the entryway.

Install window treatments

Curtains are one of the most underrated decorations in your apartment. Whether you like it or not, you need to buy one as it provides additional privacy, blocks sun rays, and prevents dust from coming in when your window is open. Its function is not just for decoration anymore, but also essential for your health and security.

Install window treatments: best apartment decor | bestpull,in

Let me ask you a quick question, what do you consider when buying a curtain? Are you after the design or, are you after the versatility and durability of it? What if I tell you that there is a company that offers aesthetic designs, and also versatile and durable curtains? If you have not heard about Yorkshire Fabric Shop, this is the perfect time for you to check them out.

Personalize the bathroom

It is essential to make the apartment rental feel more homey and personal. Personalizing the bathroom is a great idea. You can add monogramed shower curtains and some artworks. Improve the blank surface by adding gallery wall.

Build a closet in a nook

We know that apartments have limited space, but it is necessary to have a closet. You can build a closet in a nook where you can hang fabrics. Investing in a bed with drawers is another good idea for your bedroom. It will avoid piling of scattered clothing around. Optimizing the closet with hangers and drawers will make a small bedroom organized.

Installing Roman blinds

Installing roman blinds : best apartment decor | bestpull,in

Adding Roman blinds can also improve the ambiance of the apartment. It is not complicated to use, is low maintenance, is worth the penny, and most importantly, is safe around your pets and children.

Finding the right Roman blinds might be stressful. You might consider customizing your own.

You have to choose the color, style, and material used in making your customized blinds. For the colors, you can choose for either black, blue, brown, green, grey, pink, purple, red, yellow, etc.

But if you are the type of person who likes blinds to be colorful, there is an option called multi. You can mix red with blue and green for your blinds. And if you want the simpler ones, you can choose the natural shades.

Here is the compelling part, they also consider the safety of pets and children. Yorkshire Fabric Shop uses authentic materials in making versatile and durable Roman blinds. You can choose whether you want it made from boucle, chenille, corduroy, leather, suede, velvet, weaves, wool, or even cotton.

Paint the walls

Painting the walls has a great impact to make an apartment feels big. Consider white color for the wall, but you can also paint with other colors. Be wise in choosing color by using neutral base and mixing with another color. It will create a sophisticated space. Using the right combination of colors is a perfect decorating idea for your apartment. 


Knowing how to improve the appearance of your apartment to attract clients is essential. It does not necessarily mean spending much for the decorations. You can make some DIYs decorating ideas.

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